Computer Virus Hits Iran Nuclear Effort

November 24th, 2010

According to news reports, Iran’s effort to enrich uranium to build nuclear weapons has been dealt a setback by a complex, difficult to eradicate computer virus that has brought down their computer systems.

In one bit of good news in the effort to stop the spread of nuclear weapons, Iranian government and industrial computer systems overseeing advanced industrial equipment have apparently been brought to their knees by the so called “Stuxnet” worm.

The computers that run the actual centrifuges have been among those infected. That is the actual device that enriches the uranium were among those infected. The process has, temporally at least, been brought to a halt.

The question of who developed the Stuxnet worm remains a mystery, though fingers are being pointed at the USA, Europe, and Israel’s secret service departments. It could in fact be some other third party that does not want the world brought closer to nuclear war.

Whoever gave us this temporary respite, our government still needs to act to insure a peaceful, nuclear weapons free Middle East.

Todd Lipscomb

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