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Former Rep. Gephardt & James Wolfensohn Join Board of Directors of Chinese Company with Possible Military Ties

September 23rd, 2010

Former Rep. Gephardt and James Wolfensohn who headed the World Bank from 1995 to 2005 (nominated by the USA) are latest examples of Washington insiders on a Chinese company’s payroll.

Huawei, long said to be controlled by the Chinese military, has been trying to break into the USA market for telecommunications equipment via its subsidiary Amerilink Telecon. The USA telecommunications market could be worth many hundreds of millions of dollars to them.

Gephardt and Wolfensohn have both joined its board of directors.

The Chinese military actually owns all or portions of hundreds of Chinese companies, many with assets in the USA. Some have been accused of acquiring technology that could be used for China’s military.

Huawei has also been accused of selling telecommunications equipment to both Iraq and Iran in spite of international sanctions against them.
It saddens me that not just that these two men would join such a foreign effort to penetrate the USA market for money, in effect influence peddling, but also that this is so common in Washington.

(The Wall Street Journal article on this topic: )

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Toledo Ohio Glass Museum Built Using Imported Chinese Glass

September 8th, 2010

The recently built Toledo Museum of Art’s “Glass Pavilion”, a structure meant to honor the area’s glass making heritage, was actually built using imported Chinese glass.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the $30 million facility was indeed constructed using cheaper foreign glass in spite of the sharp irony of its purpose being to show our history as glass producing nation.

In my opinion, this unfortunate situation headlines what is wrong with the USA today – those willing to take the low bid no matter the consequences of their actions to our nation, workers, and people.

I find it very hard to believe that the facility’s management did not make this structure using American-made glass.

It is likely that the donors and government bodies that were involved in funding this facility assumed the glass for a museum honoring American glass makers would be made here in the USA. This really needs to be investigated by the appropriate authorities.

We are making good progress on increasing awareness of the importance of buying American-made products, but as long as setbacks like this Glass Pavilion fiasco can occur, we clearly have so much more to do.

Todd Lipscomb
Founder of

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