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China Introduces New “Aircraft Carrier Killer” Missile

August 6th, 2010

The Associated Press is reporting today that China will soon be ready to deploy their new “Aircraft Carrier Killer” missile, a weapon specifically designed to destroy our super aircraft carriers in case of a conflict with China.

Here is the article:

Since WWII, our navel strategy around the globe has depended on our ability to deploy large aircraft carriers around the globe. The planes they carry being able to challenge potential enemies within their home territory.

Rather than try to match us by building their own aircraft carriers, China is cleverly developing a specialized missile meant to attack our aircraft carriers. The Dong Fong 21D will be a serious deterrent when the missile’s accuracy is improved.

Even more seriously, this weapon could eventually be sold to countries like Iran and others.

We will need to develop much better defense systems if our carrier groups are to be secure.

In the meantime, as a low tech defense, it occurs to me that huge oil tanker ships could be filled with water and sail around our aircraft carriers. That would provide decoys and a shield around our sailors.

Todd Lipscomb
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