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Per Trump: China Laughing at USA

May 22nd, 2010

Here is an amazing interview with Donald Trump on the China trade issue:

Special thanks to Robert Hall for pointing this out. Please join me in buying his USA song:


Todd Lipscomb

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Wal-Mart Irony

May 20th, 2010

Wal-Mart often promotes themselves as the champion of the small guy.

That has proven to be quite the opposite.
For over two decades I have observed Wal-Mart’s growth, strategy, and financials as a customer and potential investor before coming to the conclusion they are actually part of the problem in our economy.

The founder, Sam Walton, truly believed in America. When a Wal-Mart opened in our town, we welcomed them. They had flags everywhere and banners saying “Wal-Mart Saved 150,000 American Jobs!”, etc. all over the store. Even at that time it quickly became clear there was a cost as small retailers in our town, who had a real commitment to the community, disappeared within a few years of Wal-Mart appearing. After Sam Walton passed away it rapidly obvious that the USA commitment at Wal-Mart was gone. It was replaced by an “ultra-low pricing” gimmick. To reach that goal, Wal-Mart became by far the single largest importer of goods from China, often at the expense of locally-made American producers. I have been told by former suppliers to Wal-Mart that pictures of their American-Made products were even forwarded to Chinese producers by Wal-Mart buyers (employees of Wal-Mart that find and purchase the products they sell). Why don’t those suppliers sue Wal-Mart? They are afraid of Wal-Mart and being blacklisted.

As our factories close and millions the customers that had been the backbone of Wal-Mart’s growth face extended unemployment, the cause does eventually come to effect.
This morning’s newspaper has the headline “Wal-Mart Struggles To Keep Shoppers”. According to The Wall Street Journal, “Wal-Mart warned that US sales continue to be slow in the coming months as the working-class customers who form Wal-Mart’s base continue to feel economic pain.” It quotes Chief Executive Mike Duke, “Our customers, particularly in the US, are still concerned about their personal finances and unemployment…”.

Henry Ford, for all his good and bad, did something brilliant at Ford Motor Company – he created a product that his own employees were able to afford. That helped spark our country’s modern middle class.

Wal-Mart, and their ilk, are doing just the opposite. By supporting Chinese industry at the expense of our own, they are causing hallowing out of economy, and thereby choking off our middle class. This has very rapidly increased the speed of the USA’s economic decline.

Todd Lipscomb

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NYC Times Square Bomb Attack – I Was There!

May 6th, 2010

Sometimes the international and domestic issues we discuss and the personal reality really do hit home, as I was in NYC’s Times Square just minutes before this latest attempted bomb attack!

I had gone to the city for some meetings with the media that hopefully will lead to a lot more press coverage of our USA issues. These meetings finished Saturday afternoon, so I bought tickets to see a concert at the Lincoln Center. It was several miles, but the weather was nice and I decided to walk and see the sites. Times Square was packed with tourists, including lots of families with a very large number of children. I stopped to compliment the mounted police on their handling of their beautiful and amazingly patient horses, when I realized the time and walked north towards the concert. Minutes later the police starting clearing the area, as those very same mounted police were the first on the scene of what turned out to be a bomb.

It was another attempted attack with all indications that radical Islamic elements were behind it.

I can attest first hand to the number of innocent civilians in the area and how it is not at all a military or government target. It was placed just down the street from the show “The Lion King”. In fact, a large portion of the crowd were international tourists, and I would venture more than a few were Islamic.

I really have to complement the NYPD on their amazing emergency police response – rapid, professional, and brave They showed true grit and American spirit. Men and women that run towards danger, to serve and protect… God bless them and keep them safe.

The cowards that planted that bomb were clearly going after innocent lives. Their motivation has troubled me since. Do they expect Americans to fight each other after an attack? Such tragedy brings us together as a people. Do they expect us to surrender? They only strengthen our resolve. Did someone promise them “paradise” to kill that young family with an infant in a stroller, the sailor on leave, the couple on a date, etc.? Surely even the dullest of their people cannot equate any just god with murdering innocent children.

I can say it was an act of repulsive cowardice. Of those that prefer shadows to the light of day. Those that would hurt that mother and baby strolling by rather than stand like a man for what they believe in. Indeed, it won’t be paradise they go to when they meet their maker.


Todd Lipscomb

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