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Government Says Gut Chinese Drywall from Homes

April 3rd, 2010

The Federal Government’s Consumer Product Safety Commission finally released guidelines in regards to the tainted Chinese produced drywall used in thousands of new and remodeled homes largely in the 2006 to 2007 timeframe.

Here is a link to the government website concerning this issue:

Not just should the drywall be torn out, but they are also stating that much too high levels of the dangerous chemical hydrogen sulfide in it means the electrical systems, gas piping, fire sprinklers, etc. have been compromised and needs to be removed. In many instances, the total cost to do this much construction is equivalent to the cost of the home.

High levels of hydrogen sulfide is also known to cause health issues. An AP article ( cites reports that the levels are 100 times those of drywall produced outside China.

Many homeowners are attempting to sue the Chinese companies that made the drywall, some of which are at least partially owned by various Chinese government entities, but only one has replied to the lawsuits.

The homeowners lawyers are suggesting the US government pay for the repairs where insurance won’t, but it is clearly the responsibility of the Chinese companies and government. It is utterly ridiculous to think our government (meaning us all) should have to pay when China is clearly at fault. If the Chinese companies involved will not pay, the Chinese government must.

This should also be the case with lead poisoned toys, etc. where Chinese produced importers are not able to backup their product liabilities.

In fact, this ability of Chinese companies to get around any financial liability for the products they produce is a huge cost advantage over American producers. American companies can easily be sued, and lose everything, or even go to jail if they make these products in a dangerous way.

The safety of our citizens should not be compromised just to import cheap, chintzy goods.

Todd Lipscomb

Founder of, your source for American-made products.

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