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Toyota Facing Huge Quality Issues, While Ford Wins the Race

January 31st, 2010

After telling owners for several years that the reason for the sudden, unexpected acceleration issues is caused somehow by the floor mat, the truth comes out for Toyota (and Toyota owned Lexus) that it is indeed a major issue with the gas pedal system. The Wall Street Journal yesterday described a tragic scene in San Diego where a CHP officer driving a Lexus had this sudden acceleration occur, causing a massive accident that killed him and three other people.

Toyota has been focused intensely on overtaking GM as the biggest automobile producer in the world and has sacrificed the simple, yet vital basis for their success – quality.

Toyota/Lexus has halted sales of a long list of products and is facing a recall that could top 10 million vehicles worldwide.

This did not just happen overnight, as Toyota’s quality had been slipping for some time, though the perception of many folks had yet to take notice.

Readers that know someone who drives a Toyota or Lexus should urge that person to check with their dealer about the recall and what to do if this type of unexpected acceleration occurs. This is serious and could save not just their lives, but those of innocent bystanders…
In fact, guess who Consumer Reports now ranks ABOVE Toyota in overall quality? Ford Motor Company!

This I can attest to, as I have owned a Ford Escape Hybrid for just over two years and had literally zero issues with it. A friend who owns a Lexus has had it in for several repair problems in the same time-frame.

The days when Tokyo dominated Detroit on quality are over. Though Ford is shinning, all three American automakers have made great strides in quality improvement.

Another great reason to buy American-made vehicles, especially a Ford!

Todd Lipscomb
Founder of, a source for American-Made items.

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