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China Grows Cyberspying Capability: Theft of US Defense Technology Data

October 24th, 2009

According to a report cited in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal, China has geared up its ability to steal valuable technology data over the Internet. “…Chinese cyberspies who in total steal $40 to $50 billion in intellectual property from U.S. organizations yearly…” according to a source cited in the article.

It goes on to detail how one corporation was robbed of valuable defense related R&D data and how the effort was tracked to computers in Beijing.

This clearly has a military intent and reduces our ability to effectively defend ourselves and world freedom, not to mention the theft of billions of dollars worth of research. Oddly, this important story barely reaches our media!
The article did not really touch on it, but these efforts clearly forewarn of an eventual cyber attach on our computer systems via the Internet in the event relations with China turn sour. If they did not want to do it directly, they could easily turn over this ability to countries Iran or North Korea as a proxy.

This is a gaping hole in our security the government must stand up and address. Also, as individuals I can say as a form tech executive that we each need to have the very latest anti-virus security software on our computer, should use complex passwords on important files and change them occasionally, allow Microsoft, etc. security updates as soon as they are released (often they fix the many security holes in Vista), not leave unattended computers on all night, and should keep at least one copy of key files saved on something other than our computers.

Not to mention, that when we buy products made in another country, we are transferring money there that helps pay for these antics.

Todd Lipscomb
Founder of, your source for made in USA products.

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China and Iran Alliance Paid for by USA

October 16th, 2009

China and Iran are birds of a feather. It is not about doing the right thing or making the world a better place. It is about money, politics, and most of all power for both these tyrants.

According to this morning’s Wall Street Journal, China and Iran’s alliance continues to grow with billions of dollars in trade and projects. Plus, China shielding is Iran in the United Nations on its nuclear weapon ambitions. I would not be surprised if China has secretly shared dangerous weapon technology with Iran.

The tragic irony is that our dollars are funding both these governments through our twin deficits. We have two huge trade deficits – one for goods and the other for energy. The tens of billions of dollars of cheaply made goods from China directly support their goal to be the world’s next super power. On energy, we import over 50% of the oil we use. Though we do not import directly from Iran, they earn billions from our energy imports because of oil prices.

As the money drains from our economy we weaken while enriching those that hate us.

We can still make real choices that really help fix this situation both on a personal and cultural scale.

Personally, my family and I now do not buy anything imported if we can possibly buy something made here in the USA. I drive a Ford Escape hybrid. It gets excellent millage and has had zero quality issues in the two years I have owned it.

Culturally, we need make some real choices about whether we want good jobs here or in places that have cost advantages due to lack of environmental controls, poor worker and product safety, currency manipulation, etc. We used to be a nation that made things, and we can be again. On energy, we need an emergency plan to produce more from domestic resources including wind, solar, and yes even safe nuclear power. Also, we need take a real look at consumption and see where we can use less.

Todd Lipscomb
Founder of (, your source for American-made products.

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Economy Losses Another 263,000 Jobs in September – 15 Million Now Unemployed!

October 2nd, 2009

According to data released this morning from the government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, the economy lost another 263,000 jobs in September, meaning over 15 million people are officially unemployed.

However, the official unemployment rate underestimates the reality, because it excludes numerous people who have given up looking for work, been unemployed for over one year, or have taken some part-time work. Given that over 33% of those that are unemployed have been that way over six months, a record in our nation’s history, there is little doubt the number unemployed for over a year is surging.

Many sources in the media had expected the amount of jobs lost to be around half what was officially shown. That means less potential the economy is pulling out of this mess and indeed this recession will likely continue to worsen.

Recessions are getting worse. It does not take an Edison or Einstein to figure out it is because of our de-industrialization leaving more good folks vulnerable. When factories close here and get moved overseas, mainly to China, the “service” jobs that are supposed to replaced them can be lost in days.

Recent economic booms were not caused by new factories opening, but by fake financial card tricks – the Internet .com stock market spike and particularly the ridiculous housing price surge. Wall Street had a hand (many hands) in both and seriously profited by it while times were “good”.

The fantasy is fun for awhile, but the reality is that without industry making real stuff here in the USA there can be no prosperity.

Todd Lipscomb
Founder of a source for American-Made products.

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