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More on JC Penney T-Shirt Issue

June 20th, 2009

Great efforts from our good friend Joe Allen on JC Penney using the “American-Made” t-shirt! BusinessWeek picked the issue and quotes Joe as well as some lame comments from JC Penney. It is in both this week’s magazine or you can see the link on their website here:

Also, here is some info from Joe on how to contact JC Penney:

If you want to make a comment about
the J. C. Penney “T-shirt Malarkey” story
that was in BTW section of Businessweek
magazine  ( in the printed and online edition )
contact :

Kelly Sanchez (Corporate Customer Relations Manager)
J C Penney Company, Inc.
P.O. Box 10001
Dallas, TX 75301-7309

Phone  972-431-3961
Fax     972-531-3961

If you want to talk with someone
from Headquarters if this person
does not give you satisfaction
call  972-431-8200 or
call 972-431-1000
and ask for Myron Ullman ( C.E.O of J.C.Penney )
Fax   972-431-1362

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JC Penney Misrepresented “American Made” T-Shirts Last Memorial Day!

June 5th, 2009

A reader in Texas sent us information on JC Penney’s last Memorial Day sale ad, which clearly shows a young man wearing an “American Made” t-shirt. This person immediately went to try to buy what he believed were t-shirts made in the USA, only to find they were actually made in Mexico!

JC Penney was trying to profit from our patriotism on the day we honor those who served in our military. The implication from the writing on the shirt and in their advertisement is crystal clear – “American Made”. As they know, any reasonable person would read it this way.

Unfortunately, rather than employ American’s JC Penney chose the low road and had their “American Made” t-shirts made outside the USA. This may somehow be legal, but it far from ethical. It’s tragic this American company feels the need to treat their customers this way, but they also dishonor those that have served our great nation by doing this on Memorial Day.

I called the phone number on their website, and the women who answered privately called it “false advertising”, but said I really need to call the headquarters. That number is 972-431-8200. No word back from them yet, but invite readers to join me in complaining.

Several readers in past have mentioned that while I often focus on Wal-Mart, most chain stores are a part of the problem. This certainly shows JC Penney stands with Wal-Mart in their lack of commitment to the USA. Both definitely want us to buy products at their stores, even while they ship our jobs abroad.

They will not get future business from me, unless they seriously change their ways.

Todd Lipscomb

Founder of

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