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Made in USA Labor Day Tribute to American Workers

August 28th, 2008

With Labor Day fast approaching we should take a moment to remember those American-made men and women who built this country from the ground up.

Every American road, every building, and used to be nearly every product was made here by citizens of the USA. Sadly, spearheaded by Wal-Mart and their ilk, it is very difficult to find products made in America on their shelves.

This is more than just a three day weekend. It is a chance for us to honor those built our country one day at a time. Who got up, with no excuses, and built this country up from the wilderness. The way of life we hold dear was made possible by their efforts and sacrifices.

We should ask ourselves where has the Made in USA attitude gone today? These big retailers don’t want us to think, or consider options, but the fact is we do have a choice. We can choose American-made. We can choose not to buy products that are not made in American. We can make the USA strong again.

Please join me in honoring the American worker this Labor Day and for the sake of our great country, choosing American-made while we still can.


Todd Lipscomb


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We Are What You Drive or Wear? Well…Maybe

August 22nd, 2008

It was not long after I originally moved to California that a former manager gave me some advice – “Todd, Here you are what you drive.”  Meaning I should probably go out buy a BMW or Audi. I proceeded to buy a Saturn. Today, years later, I drive a Ford Escape Hybrid. I never understood why someone should go into a lot of debt to buy too much car.

Recently, an acquaintance who works at a retail store shared how she tracks who to give good service to in this age of casual clothing – by the watch the customer is wearing. Again the watch topic came up, as a guy spent his bonus on an extraordinarily expensive watch, deluding himself that it was an investment and shows he is successful. Actually the truly rich people I know often wear cheap watches.

If we care about image above all else, perhaps we are what we drive or wear – just consumers.

If what we drive and wear is real quality at a fair price, and made by other Americans, what does that make us? In my opinion, it makes us true Americans.

An image is certainly not more important that than the real thing. Yet so many people would spend, even borrow, to try to reach something that seems big. However, that which they pursue is ironically just a façade.


Todd Lipscomb

Founder of

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Wal-Mart TV Ad Shows What They Really Think of Us

August 15th, 2008

Recently I was watching some TV when a Wal-Mart ad came on. My first reaction, “Oh, not another one claiming to tell us how much they are saving us.”, but this one was even stranger.

It showed a mother with a young child in a shopping cart. They were rolling along, when the mother realizes baby has lost a sock. Rather than turn around and look for it, like I can say as a father of two kids happens all the time, Mom giggles and tosses a new pair of socks in the cart. Next, oops, baby spills his drink all over his shirt, and again carefree Mom laughs and grabs another new one.

What is their propaganda trying to teach us? It is OK to throw away anything at any given moment because Wal-Mart has lots more? That just because something is cheap, we do not need to properly care for it? That blind consumerism is ideal?

What kind of people do they think we are, or want us to become? It’s scary that such shallow behavior could be displayed as an ideal.

As usual, Wal-Mart is focused on increased business without consideration of the other costs. For instance, what of the landfills, not to mention the energy and natural resources it took to produce those products and ship them here from China (Wal-Mart being by far the biggest single importer from China).

This also reminds me of the issue with Wal-Mart destroying local competition. Many years ago, my first reaction was that Wal-Mart was “doing it better”, so they deserve their success at the expense of local competition. Now I understand it is the independent and small chain stores that are a mainstay of those still buying American made products. Importing $50 billion a year of cheap Chinese junk without regard to the lost jobs, damage to the environment, etc., gives Wal-Mart an unfair price advantage no local store can match.

It seems Wal-Mart would turn us into consuming drones, who blindly fill their cart even while they undermine our economy and environment.

However, we do have a choice. We can choice where we buy. We can choose to buy American made products. We can choose quality over consumerism.


Todd Lipscomb, founder of is your source for American made products.

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Russia Crushes American Ally Georgia – We Indirectly Paid For It by Buying Their Oil

August 12th, 2008

It was just over 20 years ago when the Soviet Union collapsed under its own weight. It turned out the feared Soviet Army with their thousands of heavy tanks was just a shell. Those tanks were literally sitting idle with no fuel, which they could not even afford to fill. The Soviet invasion of the West, described in fiction like Red Storm Rising, proved to be no threat at all years before it was suspected by the Western public.

Here we are barely two decades later and those tanks are rolling through America’s ally Georgia. It’s as if the old Soviet army is not just back, buy invigorated. Putin’s bizarre comments comparing the elected president of Georgia to Somoza are telling in their arrogance and lack of even caring about actual facts. It seems Russia would again rather be feared then respected.

What has changed? Our (The USA and Western Europe’s) dependence on energy imports from Russia has surged. The USA is now up to importing nearly 60% of its oil. Over the last few decades, literally hundreds of billions of dollars have been transferred from democracies, to countries that do not care about freedom, like Russia, Venezuela, Iran, etc. to pay for energy. The Soviet economy was bankrupt in every sense of the word, but this massive injection of wealth has enabled them to pursue a new imperialism.

We, The USA, have two massive deficits we have deal with – Yes, the $300 billion dollar trade deficit with China is undermining our very future, BUT (as if that was not enough) we also have a similarly massive energy deficit that we MUST meet head on.

Whether it is conservation, wind, nuclear, ethanol, hydrogen, hybrids, increased drilling, buying America made etc. it is imperative for our future that we proceed rapidly.

Join me in doing what we can locally (I bought a Ford Escape hybrid), and pressuring our so called leaders to take some real action for a change.

Todd Lipscomb

Founder your source for products made in the USA.

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