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What Are We Leaving Our Children?

June 20th, 2008

History interests me — World events, ancient cultures, the rise of civilization and democracy, as our own great American history. Dozens of cultures achieved greatness in history. Some sustained it for centuries, other just a few years.

Democracy, a society that chooses its own way is a very rare and new human development. The USA is at the center of this development and is the inspiration for dozens of other democracies around the world.

Cultures rise to become great powers for a number of reasons – control of natural resources, production capacity, ability to organize, common inspiration or beliefs, ability to innovate, outside threats, good government, etc.

I will address these issues more in the future, but suffice to say that two key factors in America’s rise – control of natural resources and production capacity are seriously under threat. On natural resources, one need look no further than oil. We started as an exporter, but now import well over half and are at the mercy of those who hate us (one reason I am so pro-ethanol, which we make from home grown corn). On production capability, many of our corporate leaders could hardly be working harder to shift production abroad. The twin effect of these simultaneous and rapid changes is undermining our economy, ability to generate or sustain good jobs, not to mention our place in world leadership.

We must address these issues now if we are to turn the tide on our country’s very real decline. Please join me in supporting producers that still make products here, and avoiding those that do not. History shows this is vital to our greatness or fall.

Would we let the shining light of democracy die within our own lifetimes?  What are we leaving our children?

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