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Toy Availability — Who Still Has Made in USA Toys Available? We Do.

December 9th, 2007

One of the key reasons I have invested the funds to allow to have the resources to purchase its own inventory is becoming very apparent now.

Most web sites just take a customer’s order and and pass it along to some other company to actually ship the product. The advantage for that site is it is cheaper. However, from the customer’s perspective, even in the best of times it can add several weeks of shipment time and potentially a lack of screening to make sure the quality is there and that the product is actually made in the USA. However, the real point this time of year is availability. With literally tens of millions of toys recalled this year, the attention has appropriately turned to safe, made in USA toys. Many manufacturers and third parties are low to out of product. Although some web sites are still taking orders for Christmas that they are highly unlikely to be able to ship in time.

Because we invested in our own inventory, still has toys available for immediate shipment. I am personally tracking it to make sure that what we advertise we can ship as usual the next business day. Items that run out are shown as such daily. However, please keep in mind that supplies are limited and shrinking. There is still time to make sure it is a safe, non-toxic, made in USA holiday, but please order soon.

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